Conscientious and Humane Animal Removal Solutions The Value Of Wildlife To Our Society And Planet

14021407542_990c8fc777_oThe natural environment is a symbiotic system that is as old as the earth. However, in the modern era many of us are taught that a vast gulf exists between humans and nature. We are taught that the animal kingdom and wildlife represent a nuisance, not a benefit. Actually, this is the furthest thing from the the truth; wildlife helps us in diverse ways that some people fail to realize.

Lacking an appreciation for wildlife is unfortunate because tolerance and understanding is not only a joy, but also a necessity for the harmony of our planet. Many people have a disdain for wildlife and disregard its right to exist. These ideologies are based on cultural norms that stem from irrational fears. For example, snakes and bats are perceived to be a threat to humans. This is a fallacy borne from misinformation; these animals are rarely a danger and they are good for the environment.

Becoming educated and understanding that wildlife is not a statistical threat is the first step toward reversing perceived conflicts. This is not to imply that wildlife cannot pose a danger to human safety and that animals cannot damage homes or businesses. While there are overwhelming instances where we can let nature manage itself; sometimes we need solutions to protect communities that are adjacent to wildlife domains. What many wildlife advocates propose is changing how we view wildlife which may inadvertently change the way we mitigate issues of removal and safety.

When it comes to wildlife removal it is important to introduce ideas that lean toward humane options. It is not necessary to take the life of an animal to protect property or people. There are many measures that include non-lethal, no-trap methods to reduce stress and annihilation of our wildlife neighbors.

Some wildlife problems can be avoided by implementing preventive measures such as having a home inspected by a humane, animal control company that specializes in identifying wildlife entry points. Humane, wildlife removal companies ( can provide valuable recommendations for protecting people and preventing damages to homes and businesses.5719165555_03ab9507d5_o

We should always be mindful that wildlife in the wrong place at the wrong time can pose the following problems: damage of roof and ceiling structures; undesirable odors; water damage; damage to electrical wires; stains on furnishings; reproduction, infestation and damage to insulation; they can trigger allergic reactions; cause damage to landscape areas; and expose humans to diseases.

The types of animals that can pose a nuisance or danger can include raccoons, opossums, skunks, woodchucks, groundhogs, squirrels, birds, snakes and more.