How To Humanely Remove Wildlife From Homes and Communities


When embarking on the task of removing wildlife from your home or business there are certain factors to consider.

The first thing to identify is whether or not an actual problem exists. For example, if a group of foxes make a den 400 yards from your neighborhood they may not be a danger to the community. Foxes do not have a reputation of attacking humans and pets. They will go out of their way to avoid active areas and people. However, they can forage through trash for food and they can give off foul odors. They also pose the threat of having rabies. This is a scenario that would require common sense assessment and calculation of degree of risk.

If a wildlife threat is identified it is important to be aware of the species involved and whether young animals are also present. Fundamental information about the species is critical to develop an effective management procedure to resolve wildlife issues in a humane manner.