The type of wildlife problems

16166606884_94ae862caf_oGathering general information is important to accurately gauge the scope of the problem and resolution method. When assessing the degree of wildlife presence one should consider: health dangers posed to people or pets; whether or not wildlife are damaging property; whether or not damages are seasonal; and the likelihood of recurrence.

Humane, animal control solutions should be the underlying factor for an effective short-term and long-term fix. Once you have a clear and concise plan to implement – then it is time to initiate.

The type of wildlife problem you have determines the resolution method to implement. For example, if wildlife are known to search for food on your property; the use of eco-friendly animal repellents may be an effective solution.

Some situations may require no-trap animal removal strategies that include one-way doors and excluder traps. Humane, animal handling is also an option, but this method should be administered by trained professionals who have the resources to capture and safely relocate animals to natural habitats. Some situations may call for reuniting offspring with parents or siblings.

Sometimes, changing cultural practices or implementing behavior modification may be effective for deterring wildlife from intruding on your premises.

One of the best methods of addressing wildlife is to establish preventive methods. Techniques such as professional grade animal proofing; safeguarding chimneys, exhaust vents, porches, decks, garages, vent pipes, plumbing; erecting fences and other strategies are excellent ways to ensure your home, property and business are free from wildlife.